Seamless Journeys Navigating Higher Education with DSA Travel Allowance and Proline Taxis


For students with disabilities pursuing higher education, the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) Travel Allowance serves as a crucial resource to address additional travel costs directly related to their disability. Proline Taxis, attuned to the unique needs of students, is positioned as the ideal partner for a seamless and accessible journey to and from university or college. In this article, we explore the facets of the DSA Travel Allowance and how Proline Taxi aligns with its objectives.

Covering Extra Travel Costs

The DSA Travel Allowance is designed to alleviate the financial burden of additional travel expenses incurred by students with disabilities. Proline Taxis recognizes the importance of this allowance and stands ready to facilitate travel for study, including placements and study abroad programs.

Reimbursement for Taxi Fares or Mileage Costs

Students can utilize the DSA Travel Allowance to cover taxi fares or mileage costs to and from their home address to the university or college. Proline Taxis offers a reliable and efficient transportation solution, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without worrying about the logistics of travel.

Calculating Allowance

The DSA Travel Allowance is calculated as the actual cost minus any public transport costs non-disabled students would have. Proline Taxi seamlessly integrates with this calculation, providing transparent and cost-effective transportation solutions for students.

Special Considerations for Own Car Usage

If a student needs to use their own car due to their disability, the DSA funder can bridge the gap between the cost of public transport and their mileage costs. Proline Taxis ensures that students with unique travel needs can navigate their journeys comfortably and efficiently.

Efficient Use of Taxi Services

For students making regular taxi journeys, it is recommended to set up an account with a taxi company. Proline Taxis offers a user-friendly platform for setting up accounts, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free experience for students.

Claiming Reimbursement

To claim Travel Allowance costs, students should complete a Claim for Reimbursement form and submit it with receipts. Proline Taxis supports this process by providing detailed receipts with essential information, including date, starting address, destination address, price, travel company’s name, registered address, and telephone number.

Flexible Payment Options

Your DSA funder can choose to pay the Travel Allowance directly to the supplier (e.g., taxi company) or deposit it into the student’s bank account. Proline Taxis accommodates both payment methods, ensuring flexibility and convenience for students.


Proline Taxis is committed to enhancing the educational journey for students with disabilities by seamlessly aligning with the DSA Travel Allowance. As you navigate higher education, trust Proline Taxis to provide accessible, reliable, and efficient transportation solutions that complement the support offered by the DSA. Your academic journey is our priority. Choose Proline Taxis for a travel experience that goes beyond expectations.

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