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If you are ready for an exciting adventure in the heart of England. In this article, we take you with proline taxi on a scenic journey from Bristol to Taunton Taxi, revealing the hidden gems, historical costumes and natural beauty that line the route. So fasten your seat belts, or better yet, get your backpacks ready and let’s go on this exciting adventure.

Home: Bristol

Our journey begins in the vibrant village of Bristol, located in South West England. Known for its rich maritime history, vibrant art scene and stunning architecture, Bristol is a great base for our expedition.

Heading south – Route A38

The route chosen for this adventure was the A38, which took us on a panoramic tour through beautiful countryside. As we leave Bristol, the cityscape gives way to rolling hills, picturesque villages and lush vegetation.

The Beauty of Chu Valley

Our first stop will be the magnificent Chew Valley, nestled between the Mendip Mountains and the Bristol Channel. The area is known for the stunning Chew Valley Lake, a tranquil reservoir with hiking trails and bird watching opportunities. Nature lovers will find this place charming.

In the county of Somerset

Continuing our journey we cross the County of Somerset, a region rich in history and natural beauty.

Glastonbury – A Mixed Town

Our next destination is the mysterious town of Glastonbury, famous for the legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Glastonbury Tor is a famous hill with its medieval tower overlooking the surrounding countryside.

Historical Interlude – Wells

A short walk from the historic centre of Wells is the beautiful Wells Cathedral. This stunning example of Gothic architecture is a must-see. You can also explore the picturesque cobbled streets and nearby Bishop’s Palace.

Taunton The Destination

We finally arrived at Taunton in Somerset. This vibrant market town has a rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere.

Vivari Park – A Resort

One of Taunton’s attractions is Vivari Park, a large green space where you can relax and have a picnic. The park also has a beautiful ornamental garden and a golf course for outdoor enthusiasts.


Our trip from Bristol to Taunton with proline taxi was an incredible experience. We experience the beauty of the Chew Valley, delve into the mysteries of Glastonbury, admire Wells Cathedral and finally find peace in Taunton. This tour offers the perfect combination of history, nature and relaxation.

Now it’s your turn to hit the road and explore this exciting trail. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover or looking for a relaxing break, there’s something for everyone from Bristol to Taunton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel time generally varies from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions.

Yes, there are many attractions such as Chew Valley Lake, Glastonbury Tor and Wells Cathedral.

You can of course take the train or bus from Bristol to Taunton if you don’t want to drive.

Yes, there are many accommodation options in Taunton, from hotels to luxury guesthouses.

Spring and summer are perfect and you can enjoy the beauty of the blooming landscape.

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